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Company Profile

Christie Song started Chrislin Trading in 1995, for the purpose of supplying musical products made in China to the rest of the world. 

Since that time, with warehouses in both the U.S. and in China, Chrislin Trading has:

  begun importing and exporting tonewoods for the guitarmaking industry.

  provided instrument making tools as well as guitar parts produced to customer specifications

  consulted those wishing to have instruments made in China.

  helped U.S. manufacturers establish new markets in China, and has likewise helped Chinese manufacturers establish markets in the United States. 

This web site is currently under development. 

Contact Information

Telephone USA: 
Telephone China: 
Mobile USA:
FAX China:
Postal address USA:
Chrislin Trading, USA
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Postal address China:
Chrislin Trading, China
20-2-1002 Mei Jiang Xiang Shui Park
He Xi District
Tianjin 300221, CHINA
Electronic mail

General Information/customer support contact: Christie Song
Sales: sales@chrislintrading.com    

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